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Tony Finch wrote:
As a bare programming language I think Lua is great for teaching, but it
needs a load of addons to provide a fun environment. What I would like is
something a bit like BBC BASIC on the Master (i.e. with a full-screen
editor as well as old-school line-by-line input).

I still think Logo is an excellent teaching language. It's got a lot of instant gratification (type in a word, press RETURN, something happens!) while also being a real language underneath (it's pretty much a Lisp-lite, without the scary parentheses).

Unfortunately it *is* rather dated, with things like not having any strings (instead there are lists of 'words'), rather peculiar variable syntax, and you have to build your own OO system if you want one.

Luckily, modern Logos are substantially faster than Acornsoft Logo --- I remember those five-second garbage collection pauses...

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