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I recently started trying to port an older c++ project into c# and I
am using LuaInterface 2.x and Lua 5.1.  In my c++ project I passed all
of my script calls through a single lua function (executeScript) that
performed some tasks and error tracking/traceback.

The c++ side looked like this:

luaL_loadfile (ScriptMgr->GetState(), path.c_str());

retcode = lua_pcall(ScriptMgr->GetState(), 0, 1, 0);
lua_getglobal(ScriptMgr->GetState(), "executeScript");

lua_pushstring(ScriptMgr->GetState(), script.c_str());
lua_pushboolean(ScriptMgr->GetState(), isFile);

retcode = lua_pcall(ScriptMgr->GetState(), 2, 1, 0);

I am attempting to duplicate this in C#, but I can't figure out how to
call the executeScript global using LuaInterface.  I have the

LuaFunction lf = (LuaFunction)pLuaVM["executeScript"];



LuaFunction lf = (LuaFunction)pLuaVM.GetFunction("executeScript");

Both times I get null for LuaFunction.  I'm at a loss and any
assistance would be greatly appreciated.