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Petite Abeille <petite.abeille <at>> writes:

> Hmmm... HyperLua compiler? What's that? Inquisitive mind want to  
> know! :D

I have uploaded complete sources to luaforge (it looks like github is
under DDoS attack right now). You can take a look at *.hlua sources
and attempt to play with hluac.jar - but it is totally undocumented.

In brief, Hyperlua is a source-to-source translator from some
"enriched" Lua to a "plain" Lua. Resulted plain lua files require no
runtime support at all. Hyperlua is 100% back compatible to Lua 5.1.

Main feature of Hyperlua is an optimizing pattern matching compiler,
heavily influenced by Sestoft's "ML pattern match compilation and
partial evaluation" (

Also it adds syntax for cons-list (x::[] [1,2,3]), thunks, can
introduce infix and prefix operators, combined assignments (+=, or=)

You can get some notion about it from zpp.hlua and
luapp.hlua. Compiler requires Scala's and Rat's runtimes (included).