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On Mon, Sep 14, 2009 at 7:25 AM, Jim Jennings wrote:
> In the latter case, structure declarations will ideally contain only 'open'
> and 'files' clauses (out of the 5 clauses that process code).  When this
> pattern is followed, there are two small benefits:  (1) the file names are
> declared, so they can be extracted programatically when analyzing the
> modules in a particular system;

I suspected such a reason, but on the other hand there was the
prevalence of things like

  environment=[[ require("lanes"); return lanes ]]

(not that this is that hard to parse).

> and (2) a search path for code loaded by
> Darwin can be distinct from the path(s) used by the native Lua module
> system.  Darwin supports a customizable search path for file names listed in
> the 'files' clause.

Why isn't the native Lua search path sufficient?