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> lunamark currently converts standard markdown to either HTML or
> LaTeX. In my tests, it is faster than markdown.lua, though still
> considerably slower than the lua binding to discount.

On the tests I did last night (after John announced this on the
markdown list), lunamark was 5-6 times faster than markdown.lua and
12-13 times slower than discount on a 500-word input file. The
difference in speed from markdown.lua seemed to increase for larger

John: will there be a release and a submission to a luarocks
repository? I would like to ask people to try it with Sputnik, but
without a rock this would be a little harder.

> Its main
> advantages over the discount binding are portability and extensibility.

Some documentation on how to extend it would be really helpful.

In particular, if I wanted to extend it in such a way as to get a
callback when a particular pattern (let's say "[[...]]") occurs in
contexts other than code blocks, can this be done from outside the

  - yuri