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On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 9:07 PM, Tomas Guisasola
Gorham<> wrote:
> On Wed, 9 Sep 2009, Georgios Petsagourakis wrote:
>> I would to point the community's attention to this
>> conversation<>,
>> entitled "Some ramblings on httpd config", on the Apache-dev
>> mailing list in which there is serious consideration of using Lua
>> for driving the whole Apache configuration.
>> The conversation took place about 2 months ago.
>> This will be a great success for Lua, if it becomes a reality.
>> mod_lua will receive a more solid support and there will be
>> a great rise on the use of Lua
>        It seems that most of them don't really understand how Lua
> could be used as a declarative language, but I hope Bertrand Mansion
> has clarified this point with his post :-)
>        It will be great for Lua but I think it would be even better
> for Apache :-)

You are absolutely right.
In my opinion, the Apache HTTP developers community is dying, the ones
still hanging around are not very interested in new ideas and I don't
think anything interesting or innovative will happen there before a
long time. It seems Apache has reached the point where a project
becomes too mature to change without risking to compromise its
userbase and its stability. So I wouldn't bet on having Lua in Apache.
I wouldn't bet on mod_lua neither because in my opinion, it has some
bad design problems. I am also quite sad nobody in the Apache dev
community took care of applications for the GSoC this year, but I
guess it is just another sign that this is a dying community.

Today, I find projects like Nginx and Lighttpd more interesting.
I wish there was a Lua module for Nginx (I found one on the net some
time ago but it is not available anymore. I still have the sources on
my HD though if anyone is interested as well :)

On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 9:51 PM, Peter Odding<> wrote:
> This reminds me that I should publish my half finished Lua binding to
> the Apache Portable Runtime. I don't know how much duplicate code has
> been written for mod_wombat, LuaSVN, my binding and similar projects but
> it seems silly to duplicate all of the effort of that goes into testing
> and debugging the code, writing documentation, supporting users, etc.

If you are interested in APR and Lua, check out this project :


Bertrand Mansion