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Georgios Petsagourakis wrote:
I would to point the community's attention to this conversation<>,

entitled "Some ramblings on httpd config", on the Apache-dev mailing list in which there is serious consideration of using Lua for driving
the whole Apache configuration.

Thanks for posting a link to that thread. I'd missed it completely and
I'm quite interested in the topic of integrating Lua and Apache.

This reminds me that I should publish my half finished Lua binding to
the Apache Portable Runtime. I don't know how much duplicate code has
been written for mod_wombat, LuaSVN, my binding and similar projects but
it seems silly to duplicate all of the effort of that goes into testing
and debugging the code, writing documentation, supporting users, etc.

I'm hoping that the Apache developers decide to further integrate Lua,
because I'd love to script Apache's request handling using Lua code. It
would also enable me to define my most used Apache configuration
snippets as Lua functions that can be reused between my different
virtual hosts. Of course such functions can then be grouped into modules
and shared between people. This seems to me like a good thing...

 - Peter Odding