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David Smead wrote:
For compile only - you probably need some include dirs and libs.
gcc  -c -ggdb -Wall -Werror -Wfatal-errors

-Werror is dead handy for development, but may I make a plea to remember to turn it *off* for distribution?

The problem is that while the C standard mandates when compilers produce errors, it does not mandate when they produce warnings. So, different compilers produce different warnings. This means that with this option, working, non-broken code that compiles fine on compiler X will fail to compile on compiler Y, because Y is producing a warning in a place where X did not.

The gcc maintainers leave -Werror turned on, with the entirely unfunny consequence that building gcc 4.Y on gcc 4.X where certain combinations of X and Y will frequently fail to work out of the box:

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