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On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 7:05 AM, David Manura<> wrote:
> LuaRocks/LuaDist can solve the building
> problem, though currently there are a handful of Lua for Windows
> modules its not yet compiling.

Yes, LuaRocks makes downloading and building a module as easy as
'luarocks install lpeg'.  You do need the Microsoft compiler, but
that's a free download and then all you have to do is run the
'vcvars32.bat' to set up the paths, and away you go.  I've written a
little local web front-end that really makes this a matter of click,
wait and go, which I'm currently packaging for LuaRocks.

OK, LuaRocks currently puts modules in eccentric places, although this
will change for LuaRocks 2 - which will probably become part of Lua
for Windows.

The current issue that David mentioned is a stumbling block, but this
is a technical matter (translation: I'm going to sit down and sort it
out, either by doing it myself or badgering rockspec maintainers).
This has to happen before LR can be considered as a useful add-on to
Lua for Windows.

In summary: compilation need not be difficult and can be an automated
task, even on Windows.

steve d.