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You mentioned Lua for Windows in the beginning. Have you really tried it?


Georgios Petsagourakis kirjoitti 7.9.2009 kello 20:56:

Indeed my intention was not to irritate/get flamed/annoy or degrade any of the module/extension authors. Thanks Ralph Hempel for the clarification.

My comment stems from the fact that there are quite a lot of people who are using Windows, and really there is nothing we can do other than open the code with a text editor and look at it unless we are into C programming. Taking this as a fact implies that in order to script Lua, you need to be able to program in C which blows away all the simple to use syntax concept of Lua, that is the main selling point to non programmers. I do realize that Lua isn't about getting it out and that it is meant to be embedded in another host program but it has gotten beyond that scope, for quite some years now, especially since the release of the Kepler project. I feel the need to express that the community should be ready, for example, when the Apache includes Lua support with their next release.

Best Regards,...
George Petsagourakis