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On Mon, Sep 7, 2009 at 12:35 PM, Ralph
Hempel<> wrote:
> Most writers that try to offend put more than one such
> line in a messgage :-)

totally right.  that's why i took the effort to read it until i could
understand the writer's point of view.

> I read that line as:
>  I am curious why it seems that most Lua modules come
>  in source code form.

and that's what David and I answered. :-)

i'd like to add that even if the Lua community, being more 'source
code oriented' and therefore targeted at developers; here everybody is
welcomed and encouraged to ask for help and insights, Just like
Petsagourakis did.  If somebody needs help compiling, somebody else
will offer advice.  if the task is seen as needlessly complicated,
odds are that somebody else make it simpler.

and if somebody just wants to know why we are like we are... it's
because we're like that! :-)