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On 6 Sep 2009, at 4:28 PM, steve donovan wrote:

Any suggestions for 1.33?

I have no experience on that point, but can propose the following…


1.33 Is Lua suitable for embedding in a program?

One of Lua's most appreciated uses is in exposing select internal routines through Lua's efficient interpreter, such that users and developers may extend and customise an application's functionality. Lua is also an ideal candidate for modular cross-platform code within an application, or across its components. Applications that use Lua in these ways include Adobe Lightroom, World-of-Warcraft, VLC, Lighttpd, <a href="";>and more</a>.

Integrating with C/C++ is especially easy (see <a href="#T65">4.4</a> or <a href="";>Simple API Example</a>), whilst bi-directional bindings for many popular languages and frameworks are also available (<a href=" ">see Binding Code To Lua</a>).


I've cited app examples because I believe it's worthwhile establishing credentials. Incidentally shouldn't this FAQ eventually be merged with / replace the FAQ?