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2009/9/4 Michal Kolodziejczyk <>:
> Some questions assume there are lua libraries (like luafilesystem in
> #3.4), and some do not (like in #3.6 - no lualanes, luaproc etc mentioned).

At the end of 3.6, there is a link to the wiki on multitasking
options, plus Asko's excellent summary.  But I think I did not clearly
indicate (as you say) that now we are talking about extensions to Lua.
 Most of 3.6 is about coroutines, and right at the end it talks about
the other options, which is not clearly indicated.

It's hard to know how much detail to include, i.e. whether to
explicitly mention (some of) the possibilities explicitly in 3.6.  And
then it's easy to leave someone out!

As a self-criticism, I think there is probably too much detail in
sections which I'm particularly interested in, like GUI toolkits.  Not
worried about length, but consistency!

> I think every such answer could start with "In standard lua..." followed
> by "But with external libraries..." - or something like that.

I agree that these things should be 'signposted' more clearly.

steve d.