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Greetings all,

I'm currently developing a write-once-run-anywhere game authoring tool, which uses lua for scripting.

Our main 'VM' is in C++/Win32/DirectX, but we have strong aspirations for:


So far, I've found very little in the way of getting Lua to run on these platforms.

The closest I have come, is using lua-alchemy for Flash/Flex; but they lack the C-API which we rely on.

I've found various C#/.NET lua implementations however, due to the 'lockdown' of silverlight and XNA it doesn't seem they will work.

So the questions are;

Is there any concern among the Lua group about the difficulties of spreading Lua to these new and popular technologies?

Are we simply waiting for a 'native' Lua VM Library to be written by an industrious fellow, in C# or the like?

What are some basic difficulties in writing/porting a lua compiler/vm with the C-API present?

Am I mistaken in any of my assertions, maybe I'm just missing something?

Any feedback i can get on this would be excellent,


Raymond Jacobs
Ethereal Darkness Interactive