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I will have to have a look at murgaLua.

I have been working on the next version of my Grunt (Windows only) Lua
runtime. It has a resource loader which can load Lua scripts from text
resources embedded in the exe file. This approach will do what you are
looking for and has the additional advantage that you do not have to
recompile to change the Lua (just use a resource editor). However I cannot
find any way to merge DLL files into an exe so you do still need to
recompile to add modules that have non-Lua components.

Of course the other problem is that not all modules are written to compile
cleanly to static targets on all platforms using all toolchains, and there
may also be C versus C++ issues ...

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> On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 1:22 AM, Andre de
> Leiradella<> wrote:
> > And even after reading your message, I still don't know how to
> statically
> > compile LuaSocket (for example) into an application, with all its Lua
> files
> > also included in the application in order to avoid dependencies
> outside the
> > executable.
> How about looking at how John Murga does it with MurgaLua?
> One executable, just about everything
> steve d.