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Dear Sir,


I am trying to bring some interactivity to my c appliaction,

To begin with, I am trying to draw a rectangle which is defined in Gui.c from LUA in my application Application_main.c.




/*structure actually defined in Gui.h*/


typedef struct {

char  R;

char  G;

char  B;

} Gui_color_t;


Int Gui_Draw_Rectangle( x,y,Width,Height, /*(Gui_color_t *)color*/){

Gui_color_t color; // I have had coded this for testing LUA; I am not comfortable with tables yet

******Some code*******






Int Lua_main( void )


            int error;

            lua_State *L = lua_open();   /* opens Lua */

            luaL_Reg Creg;


            lua_Integer n;




            lua_pushcfunction(L, SCSL_Draw_Rect(L));



/*            n = 0;

            lua_pushinteger(L, n);*/

            n = 100;

            lua_pushinteger(L, n);

            n = 100;


            lua_pushinteger(L, n);

            n = 300;

            lua_pushinteger(L, n);

            n = 300;

            lua_pushinteger(L, n);


            lua_call( L, 5, 0);




            return 0;




Int Application_MainEntry ( )


            ********Some code ********



*******Some Code********




I get all the prints in the Lua_main function. I see all the prints on the console but not the rectangle.


Can you help me out in this regard.


Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,



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