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On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 1:44 PM, Ashish Shrestha<> wrote:
> Hi, All.
> Sorry if this is off topic. I currently do all Lua development on a
> remote Arch Linux box. My personal machine is a Mac. Can people who
> have setup a Lua development environment to do Lua and C development
> share how/what their environment is setup?
> What tools do you use? Do you use MacPort? How do you setup to do Lua
> and C together. Do you use luarocks?

In my Mac system, I installed the Dev Tools from the OSX discs, and
then did a vanilla build of Lua (installing it under /usr/local).
Since I do LuaRocks development, I have a copy of LuaRocks svn
installed under my $HOME, but you can also run a vanilla build of
LuaRocks ( ./configure && make && make install ) and it will install
under /usr/local as well. More info here:

-- Hisham