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Matthew Wild wrote:
I'm introducing Squish, a quick tool I put together over the weekend
to package some libraries and applications (Prosody, etc.) I'm working
So here are some nice features of Squish...

Nice work :-), feel free to use code from Yueliang and LuaSrcDiet.

Picking names is not so easy with such a tool, because people might confuse it with classic data compression. However, there are only so much English words to use... Since LuaSrcDiet is more of the unsupported experimental software kind of thingy, I deliberately avoided single words, also to avoid polluting the Lua namespace too much.

Ideas for the future...

There is also a small WoW niche where people want a LuaSrcDiet-like tool for simple obfuscation, as a mild deterrent against casual plagiarism. I think a project like yours can provide these users with a better tool than LuaSrcDiet.

In addition to the existing compression methods, it would be great to
add a 'gzip' method, whereby the script is compressed during squshing
and decompressed at runtime. The only reason I did not make such a
filter is that there appears to be no gzip /compression/ algorithm in
pure Lua. [snip]

David Manura wrote something in Lua :-)

gzip specifies a small header and packages deflated blocks. You can just stick to zlib, but gzip will enable users to use the gzip program, more portable that way. lzma is much better, it's turning into xz now, which may well be the next de-facto standard.

Other ideas are welcome. I had fun building Squish, and I hope others
will have fun hacking on it too.

If you have feature ideas that you would really like LuaSrcDiet to have, let me know and perhaps we can further improve that aspect of squish. Happy hacking! :-)

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia