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Rob Kendrick wrote:
Surely setjmp/longjmp aren't affected by this; they just take a copy of
stack information, and put it back?

Sometimes you don't *have* setjmp/longjmp --- I've just done a basic port of Lua to OpenKODE, which doesn't have those functions. Luckily, our OpenKODE environment has a non-standard C++ extension that allows exceptions, which means I can at least proceed.

BTW, not having anything like stdlib or stdio does make certain aspects of the porting a... challenge. In particular, it surprised me that the file I/O parts of Lua are mixed in with the pure logic parts; I had to disembowel lauxlib.c quite heavily. It would be nice if we could have all the file I/O moved into a separate file, for ease of use in file-less embedded environments.

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