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Etan Reisner wrote:
I would be more than happy to help work on a lua wrapper for libpurple,
however that is currently a far from trivial task. I had started work on a
lua plugin loader for libpurple though a while back (before the libpurple
name change) but ran out of spare time for it and it has since sat and
bit-rot. At this point I don't like the idea I had for how to handle it
anyway, so I would want to start again on a new one were I to have time to
pick it up again.

Ditto; I have a Gaim plugin for the Citadel IM protocol written in Lua. Citadel's protocol is so stateful that it was actually *easier* to bind Lua to Gaim and write the protocol code in a Lua coroutine than it would have been to do with a traditional state machine! (I can package up the code if anyone's interested.)

There is currently SoC and associated work under way to GObject-ify many
of the core objects in libpurple, when this work finally lands in
libpurple a lua binding will likely be much easier to accomplish (using
the same set of tools used for the lgob bindings).

Sounds good; this should allow dynamic creation of bindings via GObject introspection, right?

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