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Joshua Jensen wrote:
LuaPlus's wide string support has, among other things, been used to ship a number of commercial console games (Xbox and others) to in Far Eastern languages.

So should Lua be infected with this world-wide language enabling "crap"? That's not my call. Unicode is far more than just 16-bit characters, but having those 16-bit characters was sufficient to ship properly localized string tables.

FWIW, I just simply leave the #defines off the majority of the time.

Here's an example of why I'd like to have Unicode support in Lua.
I'm maintaining a library ("LuaFAR") that allows writing plugins for FAR ( in Lua. Since couple years ago, FAR has become a Unicode application. This caused plugin writers to modify their plugins to support Unicode too. That probably was not an easy task but still quite feasible for those writing plugins in C/C++, Pascal and PowerShell. It seems that to do so with Lua, both LuaFAR *and* Lua itself have to support Unicode.