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2009/7/21 Jacques Chester <>:
> As part of a project I am developing I am planning to use SHA1 HMAC digests.
> LuaCrypto advertises the ability to do these by wrapping OpenSSL.
> However, I cannot get LuaCrypto to work. So far I have tried:
> Installing via LuaRocks on OS X.
> Installing manually on OS X.
> Installing via LuaRocks on Ubuntu 9.04.
> I was unable to find any previous threads or posts on installation problems
> via Google or the list archive.
> Has anybody else had trouble installing Luacrypto?

I'm compiling LuaCrypto from sources as-is on a Slackware Linux
machine, and with the 2 attached patches on a Windows XP x64 platform,
both without any further problem.

What errors do you get ?

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