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Marco Antonio Abreu wrote:
Hi Guys,
I was writting some code with function and almost unintentionally I discovered some tag that is not in Lua documentation. Some of them are %F, %l, %j, %k, %s, %U, %W, %Z, %z and others

Some I identified what they are, but some didn't.

Anyone knows why they are not in Lua Documentation?
Anyone has the complete table of the tags with their meaninng?

Depends on the platform.

Not all platform are standards-compliant. MinGW, for instance, nominally links to MSVCRT, and thus have many compliance issues. So, in order to be broadly multi-platform, I think not all tags can be used.

But if you want to maximize what you can do with the platform you are on, just check the man pages for the full set of tags.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia