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2009/7/16 Philippe Lhoste <>:
> On 16/07/2009 17:38, Peter Jacobi wrote:
>> But not without precedent. There's the Python-on-Javascript
>> interpreter
>> and at least two
>> (stale, AFAIK) attempts on Javascript-on-PHP (now, putting them in series,
>> you'd have Python-on-PHP, with slow-motion already in the bundle...)
> After all, we have already the Java on JavaScript from none less the mighty
> Google... :-)
> It would be funny... Imagine Kepler running on PHP! :-D

If I followed correctly, the following exists:
- Javascript-on-PHP
- Java-on-Javascript
- Lua-on-Java (Kahlua et al.)

So transitively Lua-on-PHP should already work :-)