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I have been using Lua for a few years now, and feel comfortable with it. It is incorporated into one of my programs which gets thousands of downloads. However I was recently thrown by a complaint from a user that my examples on my web site are "wrong" because I gave examples like:

print ("Hello World")

instead of:

print("Hello World"")

Now we all know that both forms work (with or without the space before the bracket).

So, I reached for my copy of Programming in Lua, to set him on his way, explaining that if he only RTFM he would see, that on page XXX it says that white space is not significant. This is where I hit a problem. I seem to recall reading it somewhere, but can't find the page. Searching the online manual on the website for "space" only returns references to things like "stack space".

The page about "Some Lexical Conventions" for example, does not mention spaces at all.

I note that many of the examples in Programming in Lua actually omit the space when explaining function calls.

Even "The Complete Syntax Of Lua" doesn't seem to mention whitespace. Obviously it is needed to separate words like "local" and "function" but that seems to be implied.

So please don't laugh, but can someone point me to where it says, on the official documentation, that a space is OK between a function name and the bracket which starts the arguments? Thank you.

- Nick Gammon