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The recommendation was that "bundle" is when dylibs are loaded software-wise (as in Lua) and "dylib" when they are loaded as part of the linkage.

Not sure if this matters any more. I have the understanding it was more important at earlier stages of OS X. But I may be wrong.

This has been discussed earlier, but I'm too lazy to find out the right one. Check here:


Hans van der Meer kirjoitti 3.7.2009 kello 18:17:

Working on a Macintosh under MacOSX I am trying to get the XCode build settings in shape for compilation of a Lua C-module into; starting with the XCode-template for a BSD dynamic library.

Having read the instructions for using make I have the following question:

Why does one prescribe for the Mach-O Type the choice "bundle" (mh_bundle) instead of "dynamic library" (mh_dylib). Both seem to work when the result is "require"-ed. Does it matter? Or is there a fundamental difference I am overlooking?

Hans van der Meer