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> > Thanks for the quick response, but I think you're misunderstanding
> > my intentions.  What I want to do is add a "local" variable in C,
> > for a lua script to access.
> Which script? A local more or less by definition is only accessible to
> a single script so it doesn't make sense to talk about adding a local
> to be accessed by an independent script. I'm going to assume that
> there is simply a misunderstanding here between your intention and the
> question coming through to the list due to some missing key detail.

Urm, how to put this another way...

When I create a state, I load an associated script file.  I want to add
some variables into the state the script is running in that are only
visible to that script.  I can add globals using lua_setglobal(L,
"myvar"), or even lua_setfield(L, LUA_GLOBALSINDEX, "myvar"), but there
doesn't seem to be an equivelant for locals.