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Philippe Lhoste wrote:
On 30/03/2009 16:40, Enrico Tassi wrote:

I was asking a similar question to myself, except that's for Bazaar, my SCM of choice (recent choice! yes, I was foolish enough to live without SCM for my little personal projects...)

I am not totally satisfied by current GUIs and since I don't know Python (yet - but I say that for years!) I was wondering if one could make a lightweight GUI with Lua (perhaps with tekUI? ;)). But since Bazaar is pure Python, I have no idea how to make a binding. I looked at the Eclipse plugin (ie. Java) code and from what I understood, they just issue command lines that they exec. Not my idea of good interface, but well, if it works...
I should look how TortoiseBzr does, perhaps.

Maybe, "Fossil: Distributed Revision Control, Wiki, and Bug-Tracking" [1] would satisfy your GUI needs, too?


Hakki Dogusan