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Ross Berteig wrote:
Sometime on 3/27/2009, Ralph Hempel  wrote:
What is the current state of the art for running Lua as a service
under Windows2000 and better?

I've looked at LuaService (no update since 2007) and
LuaSys which seems to be more recent but has little documentation.

I've been meaning to revisit LuaService and make sure I've folded
back into it the things I've learned since its release about
getting the C runtime library correct when building with MinGW.

I believe in its current state, I expect that any C modules used
in the service were compiled with the same version of C used to
build LuaService itself.

Thanks for the update Ross. In fact, I have a buld system that
will build an entire Lua distro for me either as a mingw or a cygwin
app, using one compiler or the other.

Lua maintainers take note: -mno-cygwin is being deprecated in the
Cygwin distribution and will be replaced by a full-fledged mingw
compatible cross-compiler.

With that caveat, LuaService seems stable. If you find an issue,
please do let me know through its bug tracker at LuaForge, or on
this list.

I will indeed...