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Did I understand this right: you'd only have the Lua _scripts_ (precompiled bytecode) in the banked memory? How much of scripts do you have?

That would mean no banking is used for the GC'able objects. Makes no sense to me..


On Fri, 27 Mar 2009 17:35:48 +0000
 Alexander Goldstone <> wrote:

Ralph Hempel wrote:

Is the banking in ROM or RAM? And 16k? That's an awfully small window.

Can you share a few more details?


The banking is in external RAM.

We have sufficient code space as the microcontroller is capable of addressing 16MB of it - (Harvard architecture so separate address and
data buses).

It's main limitation is on data space, since it can only address 64KB of ram for which 32KB is on chip for application variable storage, 16KB is used for constant data access and the remaining 16KB would be for page access to the external 1MB of data ram that would only be used to hold
the Lua scripts.