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Plataforms/Operating systems: --> MS Windows, GNU/Linux, AIX, BSD,
Solaris, and I hope soon for Minix... :-)

Languages: --> C, Perl, Lua, Lisp, assemblers (diverse) and too
PL/SQL(Oracle - many cases), and rares: Pascal, Fortran, Ada, Erlang,
Python, Cobol, ...

well, well: only Emacs for all...

good lock, bye


2009/3/26 Joao Eduardo Hornburg <>:
> Hi,
> I've been working with Java EE for a long time and now I'm starting to work
> with Lua professionally. I'm trying to set up a development environment.
> I've tried LuaEclipse and LuaEdit. LuaEclipse lacks some features, that IMHO
> are essential for serious professional development. For example: code
> completion doesn't work for tables that I have created. LuaEdit has more
> features but only runs on windows (I'm using Linux) and it is unstable on
> wine.
> Is there any other option? Which tools are you using?
> --
> João E. Hornburg

og/(pt_BR;  E9BA2383)