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Martin C. Martin <martin <at>> writes:

> Does anyone have experience (on Windows) with LuaEclipse, LuaEdit, 
> Decoda and any other Lua IDEs out there?  Any care to comment on their 
> relative strengths and weaknesses?

I like decoda a lot, but the price is prohibitive for me.  The last version
was really buggy and would crash when I tried copy/pasting files or when
modifying lua files while the debugger was active.  After they updated to the
latest version they seemed to fix all the issues I had, but I just can't
justify the cost.

If you are embedding lua in a visual studio based app I would recommend doing
a search for a copy of autoexp.dat to be able to more easily look at the lua
state while in the debugger.  I'd be happy to email my somewhat customized
version of the one I found on this list a while ago to anyone who needs it.