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David Hamill wrote:
> I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who uses a text editor for coding
> and print statements for debugging!

I do that, too, except my text editor is Eclipse. If you create a
'generic project', point it at a folder, you can use it in Super Text
Editor mode and get all the nice features like the wonderful SVN and CVS
clients, the built-in file manager, multi-file search and replace, task
manager, syntax highlighting scheme, etc, etc. Plus, you're not
restricted to a particular toolchain or workflow.

Every so often I go and look at alternatives but always seem to end up
coming back to Eclipse. For example, Code::Blocks is excellent ---
provided your workflow is precisely the way the authors intended it to
be. Want to add a custom build stage? Your own makefile? Want to put the
object files somewhere else? Or, worst of all, you want to use a
language like Lua that doesn't *have* a build stage, makefiles, or
object files? In which case you're out of luck...

(Also, it uses the project-is-not-a-directory model, like Visual Studio,
which I dislike intensely.)

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David Given

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