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Though this might sound like heresy to you, I've never really required an IDE for Lua development. I'm using SEE (Subethaedit) editor on OSX, which has good syntax highlighting support for Lua.

I don't know if good code completion is really even possible with an all-dynamic language s.a. Lua. Anything can have anything.

I'm eager to see the responses, though. If there were to be a good Lua debugger, it should actually be a joined C++ / Lua debugger, in my opinion.


Joao Eduardo Hornburg kirjoitti 26.3.2009 kello 15:15:


I've been working with Java EE for a long time and now I'm starting to work with Lua professionally. I'm trying to set up a development environment.

I've tried LuaEclipse and LuaEdit. LuaEclipse lacks some features, that IMHO are essential for serious professional development. For example: code completion doesn't work for tables that I have created. LuaEdit has more features but only runs on windows (I'm using Linux) and it is unstable on wine.

Is there any other option? Which tools are you using?

João E. Hornburg