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I know it is almost 2 weeks later, but I would also like to support the \x## notation.

It is worth noting that there would be backwards incompatibilities with any code that currently has stuff like "\x22" in it (which current renders as "x22").

At present, it is tedious if you read (for example) somewhere about a telnet IAC sequence (like ff f0 ff fb 56 ff), and want to incorporate it into your Lua code. If Lua supported the \xHH sequence, a simple find-and-replace of the spaces would fix them up into a usable string. However now you need to translate each one into decimal.

Unlike some other suggestions for changes, this suggestion does not cause run-time code bloat, or extra execution time. Compile time increase would be marginal at best. And the extra code in Lua would be minimal.

By the way, with reference to the Principle Of Least Surprise, the sequence \012 in C is the number 0x0A whereas in Lua is is 0x0C. Considering how closely the string escape sequences mimic C's (and the reference in the manual to C-like escape sequences), that is a bit of a surprise. :)

- Nick