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I'm looking for an ansynchronous socket ( TCP/IP and UDP ) library for lua. I've found asok.lua ( but the last release of that was almost 1 year ago and was 'beta quality'. I'll try and get that running but I was curious if there are others available.


The goal is to allow our  users to write scripts which interact with devices on the network

  (1) without having to learn the Berkley sockets interface

  (2) ensure that their script don't block execution for too long a time

  (3) without having to understand coroutines and yield()

  (4) run on both Win32 and Linux platforms


Something similar to the .NET System.Net.Sockets would be ideal - each call that could block ( Connect, Send, Receive ) has both a Begin* and End* model and code might look something like


function ReceiveCallBack( arg, socket )

  data, err = socket:EndReceive(arg)

  if err then print( err ) end

  print( "got "" back")



function SendCallback( arg, socket )

  err = socket:EndSend(arg)

  if err then print( err )

    -- read until null on stream

 else socket:BeginReceive( ReceiveCallback ) end



function ConnectCallback( arg, socket )

  err =  socket:EndConnect(arg)

  if err then print( err )

  else socket:BeginSend( "send a string", SendCallback ) end



socket, err = Socket.New()

socket.Connect( "", 23, ConnectCallBack )


Optionally, an interface that looked something like Flash XMLSocket would also work - it's event handler based


function ReceiveHandler( socket, data )

  print( "got "" back")



function ConnectHandler( socket )

  socket.Send("send a string" )



function ErrorHandler( err )

  print( err )



socket, err = Socket.New()

socket:_OnReceive_ = ReceiveHandler

socket:_OnError_ = ErrorHandler

socket:_OnConnect_ = ConnectHandler

socket.Connect("", 23)






John Dunn

Senior Software Engineer

Systems Development Group

QSC Audio Products, LLC

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