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I'm trying to replace the Lua default l_alloc function with my own one. My aim is to have all memory Lua allocates inside a single array of pre-allocated memory.

I've tried different implementations of a custom function with less and less features. None of that worked (the library functions crashed due to memory access error after a time).

Now I tried the very simplest version of a custom function I could come up with. It just allocs and returns the memory asked for. It doesn't care about freeing of memory, re-allocation, corruption checks, fragmentation or anything else.

void* alloc_impl_manual( void* ptr, size_t osize, size_t nsize )
  if (nsize)
std::vector<unsigned char>* mem = new std::vector<unsigned char>(nsize);
               //yes, it will leak. don't care for now

return &(*mem)[0]; //returned memory position should be aligned by new
  return NULL;

The problems/crashes remains.
I must do some fundamental error or understand some detail wrong. Any Ideas?

Thank you in advance!