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PiL says: "Unlike arithmetic metamethods, relational metamethods do not support mixed types...".

Supporting mixed types would be very handy for defining constraints in Linear Programs, where you could go:

a_constraint = 2 * x1 + 3 * x2 + 4 * x3 <= 6

Where the type of the result of the expression on the LHS is a list of terms containing LP variables, and the type of the RHS is clearly a number. Note that this isn't a statement about truth, testing or ordering, it's a constraint on the values of xi to be respected while solving an optimisation problem.

Unfortunately, I can't do this because the left and right-hand sides aren't the same types.

The pure Lua alternative I can think of is to offer easy constructors for term lists:

a_constraint = 2 * x1 + 3 * x2 + 4 * x3 <= make_term_list(6)

This isn't too onerous, but a better alternative would be nice.

Can anyone shed any light on:
 - why there is a restriction on mixed-type relational metamethods
- whether the right place to patch this is around luaV_lessthan in lvm.c - whether there's anywhere else that would need to be patched - particularly if there's other places in luajit - whether anyone's code would break if mixed-type relational metamethods were allowed - whether there is any chance of allowing mixed-type relational metamethods in a future Lua

Thanks in advance,