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You could have a look at my solution in the source code for Grunt in LuaForge. The basic is to store C Closures in a table indexed by the command name. The closure stores the command id and the function reference as upvalues and is a closure over a generic C-Function which calls the function from the upvalue passing it the command id from the other upvalue and then passing through any other calling parameters.


From: [] On Behalf Of Gergely BOROMISSZA
Sent: 23 March 2009 13:06
To: Lua list
Subject: Function registration with parameter binding?



My question is whether there’s a solution to bind a parameter of a given function registration.

I have a map with command id’s and command names. I want to bind the command names for a C function in Lua and the first (or any) parameter should be the command id and after that the other calling parameters.

My current solution is that I generate a string from code side: DoCommand( commandId, … ) , make a DoString and register the return function to the commandName. Of course I register the DoCommand function as well and do there what I really want.

Is there a more simple way to do the same maybe without string manipulation?

Thanks for the answers!


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