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Mike Pall <> writes:
> That's besides the point. You get a crash there because it's
> called early on. If you add a work around for this one, you may
> get crashes in plenty of other places. Even if you're 100% sure
> your application never divides by zero or calls math.sqrt(-1) ...
> are you absolutely confident not to produce infinities and never
> to cause *any* other trapping FPU operations?

Yeah, I turn on FP exceptions in one of my own apps, I've have had a lot
of problems with it.

I've gotten it to be reasonably stable by making sure exceptions are
only turned on during a period when my own code is in control (meaning
no external library calls), and making sure _all_ my code is compiled
with options that tell the compiler what's up (-ftrapping-math).

However it certainly doesn't sound like the borland/delphi code is being
so careful...

[Exceptions do help immensely in debugging subtle FP problems though.]


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