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Hello everybody,

I am pleased to announce that Immaginaria Ltd. has just released TNGViewer, the second component of its TNG 3D software suite. TNGViewer is a free standalone application for Windows and Mac OS X to display TNG 3D presentations, as well as Autodesk FBX, 3DS, and DXF files, and LightWave LWO and LWS files. Like its counterpart TNGPlayer Web plugin, TNGViewer requires QuickTime and a shaders- capable OpenGL graphics card. The application can also save movies and images of live presentations.

TNGViewer is available at:

When you first run the application, the 'Open Recent' submenu will be filled with a few URLs, linking to the existing TNG 3D demos: if you select a demo, it will be downloaded and displayed immediately. Obviously you can also open local files, and even remote URLs; drag'n'drop is also supported for file opening.

As it's the case for TNGPlayer, TNGViewer uses Lua for configuration, object scripting and interaction in 3D, and resource management. Without the contribution of the list members, deploying both TNGPlayer and TNGViewer would have been much, much harder: thanks again to everyone.

As usual, I can be emailed privately if you have questions or comments.