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It was mentioned briefly about a month ago,, and once a few
months earlier in connection with LuaSDL.

The more recent of the two topics came just as I was running into a
lot of trouble trying to test something in 3D that could be done
better in 2D (basically, fast-moving extremely jittery projectile in
3D + "projectile cam" -> headache). In order to make that test, I was
trying to resuscitate some crappy OpenGL / SDL / FreeType code I'd
written several years ago for prototyping, which was horrendously
painful and slow-going. So my sentiments echoed Evan's, and I grabbed

It's quite easy to get things up and running. Kids could do a lot with it.

A friend of mine is using it to learn Lua. He and I have been playing
with it and putting demos together. Pursuant to that, I've basically
thrown my entire Lua standard library code at it, and after working
out a few kinks, e.g. parts of said library that were too
game-specific, the only real (small) surprise was the filesystem
change, presumably for sandboxing / safety reasons. Bugs or gotchas
have been pretty minor. The main trouble has been finding time to work
on it. :(