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I've been using Lua-Sqlite3 ( for a year or so now, but while poking around on LuaForge, I discovered a SQLite 3 implementation of LuaSQLite ( Some of the differences between the two that I immediately notice are:

* Lua-SQLite has been updated more recently than Lua-Sqlite3.
* Lua-Sqlite3 does not work with Lua 5.1, but I have a patch to make it build and load successfully. * Lua-Sqlite3 has a more convenient (IMHO) interface where I can write things like stmt:bind(valueA, valueB):exec(). The equivalent in Lua-SQLite is 3 statements: stmt:bind_values(valueA, valueB); stmt:step(); stmt:reset(). * Lua-Sqlite3 has a nice User's Guide style manual but no Reference Manual. Lua-SQLite has a nice Reference Manual but no simple to read User's Guide.

Can the authors tell me what makes one better than the other? Does Lua-SQLite support more SQLite 3 features, because it is newer?