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Hello again,

We've just had a list member report that Safari 4 does not seem to work correctly on Mac OS X Leopard -- Safari 3 works just fine, though (on Mac OS X Tiger as well).

We have already reported the bug to Apple; in the meanwhile, on Mac OS X Leopard please use Safari 3 or Firefox or another browser of your choice.

Thanks for your patience,

On 17 Mar 2009, at 01:18, Dario Accornero wrote:

Hello everybody,

I am pleased to announce that Immaginaria Ltd. has just released TNGPlayer, the first component of its TNG 3D software suite. TNGPlayer is a free Web plugin for Windows and Mac OS X for visualizing interactive 3D presentations in all major browsers. It requires QuickTime and a shaders-capable OpenGL graphics card.

The plugin and several demos of the technology are available at:

Besides handling configuration tasks, Lua is used in TNG 3D for scripting objects in the world, making them interact with the user, and managing resources within a presentation. LuaSocket is used for network access. LuaJIT is planned for future revisions.

I would like to thank the list members for their precious contributions, which helped us many times over the last few years with integrating Lua into TNG 3D. Please feel free to email me privately if you have questions or comments about our technology.