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Ignacio Burgueño wrote:
I haven't been able reproduce the bug here with free bcc compiler (5.0 I guess). I can't link to VCL since it's not included. So I tested two dlls, one with Borland's C runtime statically linked and another with the runtime linked from a dll. They both worked.

I also could not create a segfault without VCL.

> What's interesting, segfaults occur only when a number assigned to 'var' is >= 0x80000000.

Maybe Borland is setting something and the above code triggers it? I'm thinking of something similar to the floating point issues caused by DirectX setting a FP flag making Lua lose precision. (not that it's the same issue here, merely that it might be something along those lines).

Yes, this seems to be something to do with floating point. Unfortunately I have no knowledge in these matters.

Also, my app (LuaFAR for Editor) does not use Borland at all. It is a dll plugin to some application (far.exe). But it is sufficient that a user has another plugin that is written in Delphi, and my plugin, via lua5.1.dll, triggers a segfault. Since I have no influence on what plugins users install, I can only hope that LuaBinaries fix that issue.