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On Wednesday 11, Grant Robinson wrote:
> We are embedding the Lua interpreter and our byte code into a C
> application.  Still, management is concerned about how hard it would
> be for some hacker who knew we were using Lua to hook the VM and
> inject Lua code into the interpreter.  They are also concerned about
> competitors disassembling our binary application and gaining access to
> the Lua byte code that would include algorithms our competition would
> benefit from.

You can compile the Lua bytecode to native code and static compile that into 
your application using llvm-lua.  This will provide some obfuscation of the 
Lua bytecode, with an added plus of faster Lua code.

Checkout the latest code here:

The latest SVN code (I just committed the changes) has some new features:
* Stripping Lua opcodes from the native compiled Lua functions.  Previous 
versions still had the opcodes for tracebacks.
* Compiling lua files into loadable shared libraries (tested on linux, should 
work on other plantforms).
* Support for embedding llvm-lua into other applications.  Right now the 
embeddable llvm-lua library requires linking the application with the LLVM 
libs.  I will try to make this optional later.

I will try to do a new llvm-lua release soon, maybe this week if my other work 
doesn't get in the way.

Robert G. Jakabosky