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> Grant Robinson
> My question is what can I tell management to alleviate their concerns?
>  Also, are there any tricks you can think of to make it 
> harder for someone to hack into (aka, disassemble, decompile, 
> etc) our code and take over our Lua Interpreter?

They are properly concerned. My advice would be to add some sort of
encryption to the byte code loader and compiler. If you're only worried
about authentication then the encryption could be limited to a hash of
the byte code stream at the end of each chunk being loaded. That would
allow post-processing of the compiled Lua byte codes.

I see a lot of other posts about "if they can get to the Lua they can
get to the C". That is not always true. In an embedded device it is
common to have some sort of console with a small language attached for
handling debugging or configuration. And it might also be common to have
loadable special-purpose pre-compiled binary chunks that are stored on
the client's host machine to be loaded when needed. While we don't do
that with our products (as yet!), we do have MIB configuration files
that act in a similar way. If we were to add the ability to run scripts
rather than just settings, we would be facing the same issues that your
management faces.

Given enough resources, it is always possible to get at the internals of
a device. But we're not talking about trying to beat NSA or anything -
just adding enough nuisance to make the breaking of the code more
trouble than its worth, in both effort and timeliness.

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