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Are you aware of the patches at: ?

Particularily the "Literals (hex, UTF-8) patch"

"Allows \x00..\xFFFF (hex) and \u0000..\uFFFF (UTF-8 encoded) characters within strings."

Making patches is the preferred way of requesting features to Lua. Though it (almost) never works. :)

- asko

Ico kirjoitti 10.3.2009 kello 11:14:

* On 2009-03-10 Enrico Colombini <> wrote  :

Eike Decker wrote:
A Lua function that converts strings in a more convenient way is
possible, but I think it would be nice if the compiler would support
this natively.

Being a minimalist, I usually prefer extra features to be kept as libraries. But for hex constants embedded in strings I'd make an exception: I think
they're just too useful (in many fields) to be left out of the core.

So it seems that I'm not alone when I feel this would make an useful
addition to the lua language. What would be the proper way to make this
into an official request  ?