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>>Else you should find it and change /usr/include to the  proper directory.
> Do you mean I should add an empty directory called QtCore in /usr/include
> and then run ./cpptoxml/cpptoxml from ~/
> I just want to be sure before I do this, since you are so kind as to be
> holding my
> hand through this process :)   Can you confirm that I should do it?

no, you should find the directory where they are placed. This command
should help

find /usr -name QtCore
find /opt -name QtCore

since those are usually the places where the headers are located. But
all of this is not necessary, since the bindings are already built.

> Yes, it did finish, and I see
> all there.

so those are the bindings and you don't need to do the long manual
bindings (unless you want to understand how it works).

> I haven't finished the previous step yet, but I have renamed these files
> in  ~/, copied t1.lua into this directory
> and tried running > lua t1.lua there, but I got the same message from lua
> that I was getting before:
>         no file './'

it means it does not find
try the following

 ls t1.lua # they should be in the same directory
 lua t1.lua

> I tried before moving them to /usr/local/share/lua/5.1

you can see in the error messages where Lua is searching. In this case
you could use /usr/local/lib/lua/5.1/ This is a system
directory. You may want to check that they work first. I suggest you
try to load them for the current directory, then install them
somewhere in your home.