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On Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 6:15 PM, Wim Langers wrote:
> ...I've taken the initiative to fork (a presumably dead) LuaUnit to bring
> it on to par with Lua itself and to further enhance it....
> - run tests in parallel to optimise tests which are waiting for some
> event/condition/time

I was discussing the various Lua testing frameworks[1] with Fabien
recently.  I'm not really satisfied these and have been using a home
grown framework and am more recently experimenting with Behavior
Driven Development (BDD) (like Ruby RSpec[2]) with a matching library
(like [3]) and implementing this in terms of Metalua[4] as a
domain-specific language.  The description of ScalaTest[5] perhaps
provides a helpful model for Lua given TMTOWTDI.

That doesn't address your general question, particularly the parallel
test (Lua Lanes) handling, but I think it's worth revisiting
alternatives to the traditional JUnit style testing (though not
necessarily invalidating it).